Peak Short Focus Scope 8 x 20

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Peak Short Focus Scope 8 x 20
The peak short focus Scope is a lightweight pocket- size telescope with a built- in roof prism allowing
you to obtain correct images with this, you can observe objects at point-blank range of 300mm. Mainly, conventional telescopes are designed to look into the distance.This telescope, however, can magnify with a wide field of vision correct images of objects at a short distance as well as at a great distance.

You can double your enjoyment in anything you like such as trips, sports hobbies.In addition, this lupe helps you to make inside and outside inspections and/or confirm processed conditions of objects practicably difficult of
access. For example you can make correct and detailed observations that cannot be performed with monitor TV image, etc.

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Moreover, with this telescope constantly on hand, even weak -sighted person can easily read railroad schedules, signs, sign- boards, etc. Attaching an accessory close-up lens to the objective of this lupe allows you to obtain a magnifier of 25 magnifications having bright and sharp resolving power.
Optimum for observations, inspections, and checks! Beautiful cover of leather attached .

Magnification : Telescope 8x , Magnifier 25x
Effective Dia. of Objective :20mm
Real Field of vision : 6.5
Field of vision at a distance of 1000m : 113m

Brightness :6.2 degree
Weight Telescope 76gm
Magnifier 110gm
Dia. of the pupil: 2.5mm


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